Steve Yastrow: Ditch the Pitch – Have Conversations That Matter!

Steve Yastrow: Ditch the Pitch - Have Conversations That Matter!

In this episode, Jim Oliver and Steve Yastrow discuss:

How having a coach allows you to earn wisdom and gain understanding.
The Ditch the Pitch process and understanding the value of richly engaging human interaction.
The importance of connecting with your customers.


Key Takeaways:

A good coaching relationship requires accountability and a vested interest on both sides.
Customer knowledge is your best competitive advantage.
Human beings don’t think in facts and figures. They think in stories.
Turn every presentation into a conversation.


“I think it’s wonderful to have coaches. We take advantage of the diversity of human experience and talent.”         – Steve Yastrow

About Steve Yastrow: Steve Yastrow is the author of Ditch the Pitch: The Art of Improvised Persuasion, and the founder of Yastrow and Company. He is a non-stop idea generator, business advisor and best-selling sales author.  When he’s not creating new ideas for his books and other writings, he’s thinking about how to apply his ideas to his clients’ businesses.

Steve is the author of three books, Brand Harmony, We: The Ideal Customer Relationship and Ditch the Pitch, a best-selling sales book. He is a former senior marketing executive with Hyatt Hotels and is now president of Yastrow and Company, his consulting firm.

Book References:
The March of Folly by Barbara Tuchman
Behave: The Biology of Humans at Our Best and Worst by Robert Sapolsky
Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely
Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman
Ditch the Pitch: The Art of Improvised Persuasion by Steve Yastrow
We: The Ideal Customer Relationship by Steve Yastrow
Brand Harmony by Steve Yastrow

Connect with Steve Yastrow:
LinkedIn: Steve Yastrow
Facebook: Steve Yastrow
Website: Yastrow & Company

Connect with Jim Oliver:
Facebook: CreateTailwind Jim Oliver
YouTube: CreateTailwind
LinkedIn: Jim Oliver

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