with Ben Swann

Jim Oliver and Bob Burnett were recently featured
on Ben Swann to explain what is happening
with the current state of inflation and what you
can do to "inflation-proof" your life and
protect your wealth.

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Listen as Jim Oliver and Nick Kosko
host Kim Daly, one of America’s top
franchise consultants, to discuss how
IBC and Franchise Ownership can
work together.

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Strategic Wealth Coaching for Cash Flow Control

We teach the Infinite Banking Concept, a wealth-generation methodology championed by R. Nelson Nash. We've implemented this in our own lives, and we want to bring it to yours.

We provide dedicated coaching and training to help you decide how IBC can affect and improve your overall wealth potential, and then we help you implement the banking system that is right for you.

Our coaches are practitioners with a passion for helping families, business owners, and individuals achieve more with the proven IBC model of wealth creation, and we look forward to showing you a pathway forward.