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Thinking big, not small. Abundance not scarcity! People underestimate their ability and power to change their lives. We can coach you to an abundant future, not a limited one. It's all about how you think!


Retirement is for financial slaves! That's not the goal. The goal is financial freedom and financial independence. It's all about cash flow. A financial slave builds a pool of money inside a program controlled by his master, ie, the government. Then he hopes his master doesn't take it from him. A free person controls the money and buys assets to provide passive cash flow to meet his desires. One man hopes and one man takes action. Hope is not a good strategy.


BYOB - Be Your Own Banker. Why? Because banking is the most important business in the world. We finance everything we buy, pay percentage or give up the ability to earn percentage. Whoever controls the money, makes the money. The difference between the wealthy and the poor is which way their money flows. We teach you how to get money to flow to you by implementing IBC and being the bank.

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The government, Wall Street, and big banks are giving us just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ in terms of information. To gain abundance, you need to look beneath the surface. CreateTailwind has the information they do not want you to see. With us, the unseen becomes the seen. By simply creating a free account, you have immediate access to these great features.
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The team at CreateTailwind has opened my eyes to a whole new world of investing! They are amazing educators as well as role models for what is possible! I have just begun my journey into IBC, but I have two of ‘my own banks’ established. I look forward to deploying that money so I can feel the velocity that CTW speaks of. I want everyone I know to know about IBC. Why would anyone put money into another investment vehicle when you can compound the money and the rate of return with IBC? I am extremely grateful to the team at CreateTailwind.

Kim Daly

We chose CreatTailwind to be our strategic wealth coach because they challenged us to view our money from a different perspective. They were patient as we grasped the IBC concept & they practiced what they preached. The people at CreatTailwind are the leading authority when it comes to IBC and they humbly teach it because they want to improve the financial future for their clients.

Mike Gandolfo

I spent 25 years working as hard as I could to pay down debt, saving as much as I could for retirement and sacrificing wherever I had to in order to keep the wheels turning. I started working with CreateTailwind 6 years ago and since then my thinking has shifted, and now the odds are in my favor. Trust them and the results will come.

John Stevens

I’ve worked with CreateTailwind and they have been unbelievably easy to learn from. Incredible when it comes to knowledge and they keep the process simple. I cannot speak more highly of the process as well as the custom perspective they take with each person.

Logan Rankin

Working with CreateTailwind for the past 5+ years has been the best financial decision I have ever made. I can equate working with CreateTailwind to that of a lighthouse guiding ships during foggy weather. They have helped me and my parents filter through all of the "financial noise" and make clear decisions.

Javier Heredia

CreateTailwind has challenged me to learn new things about the world of finance and has encouraged me to study money in a much deeper way than I ever have before. They are always available to answer my questions. I have recommended CreateTailwind to many friends in the past and will continue to do so. Thank you CreateTailwind for everything you have done for me, I really appreciate you providing value first, a service that seems almost impossible to find in today’s world.

Luke Neubauer