CreateTailwind was founded in 1988 by Jim Oliver in Denver, CO. Originally a full service financial planning firm, Jim and his team weathered two major corrections on Wall Street - and pivoted CreateTailwind's focus to building wealth beyond Wall Street.

Teaching clients to create wealth without Wall Street brokers and financial planners took off - with inspiration from from a groundbreaking book by R. Nelson Nash, How to Become Your Own Banker. To most people, becoming their own banker was something they couldn't envision or even attempt because they hadn't seen a viable vehicle like it before - no obvious or effective plan. Most people park their money in prison in qualified plans or with a "broker" and hope that the money grows.

At CreateTailwind, we remind our clients that "hope is not a strategy". Becoming your own banker is an AND strategy - meaning we accumulate money in our money pool AND we deploy it to make even more money. This is the mind shift!

With this knowledge and advantage, CreateTailwind exploded to become a multi-location nationally recognized firm who have helped thousands of individuals and businesses around the United States. We communicate with our clients both in person and via real-time video conferencing. If you are ready to stop "following the followers" and pursue some real financial independence, we can show you how.