Giuseppe Grammatico: The Franchise Consultant

In this episode, Jim Oliver and Giuseppe Grammatico discuss:  

  • The “Why” behind beginning a business and its importance as a first step.
  • The strategic advantages of purchasing a franchise rather then starting a business independently.
  • Understanding the process of entering the franchise ownership market and finding the right fit.

Key Takeaways:

  • The basic financial investment for a franchise is $35k to $40k
  • There are two types of individuals who have franchises.  One type are individuals who have never owned a business, they have a job but are considering quitting or think they may be laid off. The other type are individuals who have a job and love it.
  • The proven business model of a franchise is a large advantage for a business owner.

“The biggest value that we offer unlike the other sites is we ask the right questions.” — Giuseppe Grammatico

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