Ep. 301: From Real Estate to Crypto: Corey Geary’s Journey to Asset Mastery

From Real Estate to Crypto: Corey Geary's Journey to Asset Mastery

In This Episode:

In this conversation, Jim interviews Corey Geary about his journey as an entrepreneur and his expertise in the cryptocurrency space. Corey shares how he got into real estate and how it saved his life, leading him to explore the world of cryptocurrency. He emphasizes the importance of treating crypto as an asset class and becoming a student of the industry. Corey also discusses the potential returns in crypto and the different ways to generate passive income.

3 Key Takeaways:
  • Crypto as an Asset Class: Corey emphasizes treating cryptocurrency as an asset class rather than a speculative investment. Similar to real estate or stocks, understanding market cycles, conducting due diligence, and continuous learning are essential.

  • Diversification and Risk Management: Corey advocates for a diversified approach based on individual risk tolerance and financial goals.

  • Education and Engagement: Corey’s strategy involves a “done with you” approach, emphasizing education and empowerment. Clients are guided on how to manage their investments actively, rather than passively handing over funds. Entrepreneurs must be willing to learn continuously, adapt to new challenges, and innovate in all aspects of their business. By taking calculated risks, focusing on effective growth strategies, and maintaining a deep-seated desire to serve others, they can achieve long-term success and create a positive impact. 

Whether you’re looking at well-established cryptocurrencies like Ethereum or exploring newer options like Pulse Chain, Corey’s commitment to education and empowerment can help steer you toward making informed choices and potentially earning returns.

00:00 Introduction and Background
03:08 Treating Crypto as an Asset Class
09:33 Understanding the Crypto Market
13:23 Education and Mentorship in Crypto
30:02 The Power of Self-Love in Entrepreneurship


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Website: www.novationnation.com/

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