Ep. 300: The Benefits and Challenges of Being a Business Owner | Jeremiah Broz

The Benefits and Challenges of Being a Business Owner | Jeremiah Broz

In This Episode:

In this conversation, Jim interviews Jeremiah Broz, a serial entrepreneur, about his journey and experiences in business. They discuss topics such as persistence, hard work, and the importance of being an owner. Jeremiah shares his background in blue-collar work and how it shaped his entrepreneurial mindset. They also talk about the value of knocking on doors, providing excellent service, and the tension to create and provide.

3 Key Takeaways:
  • Persistence, Tenacity, and Continuous Learning: Entrepreneurs need persistence and tenacity to overcome failures. Continuous learning and personal growth are essential for long-term success, requiring constant innovation and rethinking.

  • Effective Strategies and Passion for Service: Success involves taking risks, using growth strategies like direct engagement and excellent service, and having a deep desire to create, provide, and serve others.

  • Building Assets and Networking: Build assets and residual income for security. Networking with successful individuals offers motivation and insights. Aim for sustainable growth and positive impact while staying curious and passionate.

    Entrepreneurs must be willing to learn continuously, adapt to new challenges, and innovate in all aspects of their business. By taking calculated risks, focusing on effective growth strategies, and maintaining a deep-seated desire to serve others, they can achieve long-term success and create a positive impact. 

00:00 Introduction and Background
02:12 The Influence of Blue-Collar Work
04:06 Transitioning to Business Ownership
08:32 The Power of Knocking on Doors
12:41 The Desire to Create and Provide
19:28 Redefining Retirement
21:16 Rethinking Your Business for Exponential Growth
23:07 Building Assets and Creating Residual Income
25:26 The Power of Curiosity and Finding Your Passion
36:37 Staying on Course and Making a Positive Impact


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