Ep. 228: Living with Purpose with Nick Kosko

Living with Purpose with Nick Kosko

In This Episode:

What’s the point of wealth? Is it only to increase your bank account or is there more to it? There’s an old saying that money can’t buy happiness, but what about purpose and control? Can wealth provide you with a greater sense of purpose and control in life? Let’s dive into the benefits of having purposeful wealth.

Wealth can provide you with financial freedom, but it also gives you control over your destiny. When you have control, you can make decisions that benefit not only yourself, but those around you. You have the power to choose how your hard-earned money is used; whether it’s investing in real estate, starting a business, donating to charity or helping others in need. Having control over your finances lets you live on your own terms and gives you peace of mind knowing that your future is secure.

In this episode, Jim and Nick have a friendly discussion on how having purposeful wealth allows you to live with meaning beyond just making money. It gives you the ability to use your money for things that truly matter — whether it’s providing for those in need or investing in something that could create jobs and stimulate economic growth. By using your wealth for something meaningful, you will be able to look back at the end of each day knowing that you made an impact on someone else’s life.

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