Ep. 227: Setting and Achieving Your Goals with Nick Kosko

Setting and Achieving Your Goals with Nick Kosko

In This Episode:

2023 is off to a great start.  Join Jim & Nick as they take some time to look back at 2022 as well as what 2023 has to come and tackle all things goal setting and productivity.

They offer realistic and attainable solutions to help listeners make the most of their future goals. From illuminating how to use the 12 Week Year to set achievable targets to establishing an optimistic yet realistic outlook when faced with opposition, these podcast personalities share productive systems tailored specifically for them and provide helpful insights on how you can achieve your 2023 objectives. 

Listening in as Jim & Nick discuss their goals for this upcoming year encourages others to also reach for new heights. With a healthy growth mindset, taking a step back and looking at the past will give motivation for what’s still to come in everything from planning breaks down into smaller actionable steps to celebrating both successes & losses. Tune in to hear Jim & Nick chat about goal setting and productivity so you can conquer 2023!

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