The Reality of Business Funding Consultancy with Joe Nicolosi

The Reality of Business Funding Consultancy with Joe Nicolosi

In This Episode:

When it comes to starting a business, there are not many funding options from a traditional banking standpoint. While credit cards and installment loans are an option, it can be tough to get something off the ground, especially if you don’t have a good credit score in place. When this week’s guest found himself wanting to start a business, he discovered that there were other funding products available for business owners and these options were different from what he previously thought.

Joe Nicolosi made the move from Rochester, NY, to LA with the hope of making a career in independent acting. After having a difficult time finding his footing in the industry, he realized he needed to pivot. He went to Arizona and was working odd jobs until he met someone in the business funding space who was recruiting sales reps. For the last four years, he has been a business funding consultant and he joins Jim on the show this week to share his experience of working in business funding consultancy..

Joe had no money and no credit but found a different way into starting a business. He shares more about what business funding is, his experience breaking away from traditional funding opportunities and breaking into the business funding industry, and how he continues to break away from the herd in his business. Hear the offers he can generate for business owners, the kinds of businesses he does and does not work with, and how his background in understanding the process of loaning money helped him to understand infinite banking.

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