Jack Miller: The Secret to Over 30 Years of Success

Jack Miller: The Secret to Over 30 Years of Success

In this episode, Jim Oliver and Jack Miller discuss:

  • Alternative financing options for real estate investors and small business owners.
  • The benefits of working with a non-bank lender.
  • The lessons learned from being in the mortgage and real estate industry for over 30 years.

Key Takeaways:

  • Know what your options are. Banks aren’t the only option for meeting your capital needs.
  • The key to success is being able to reinvent yourself. Be resilient and embrace change.
  • Take tough times and plow through them. There’s a lesson in every failure.

“There are more opportunities in today’s market than I’ve ever seen on the horizon. Anyone who wants to do it and sets their mind to do it can make it happen!” – Jack Miller

Resource Reference:
McDonalds: Behind the Arches by John F. Love
The Men Who Built America by History Channel/Amazon Prime

About Jack Miller:
Jack Miller has been a commercial real estate investor and lender for more than 30 years and built a real estate and mortgage portfolio, including overseeing over $1 billion in lending. Mr. Miller has been heavily involved with forming, managing, and investing in commercial real estate partnerships, including actively buying minority interest positions in commercial real estate partnerships on the secondary market.

Connect with Jim Oliver: 
Facebook: CreateTailwind & Jim Oliver
Website: CreateTailwind.com 
YouTube: CreateTailwind
LinkedIn: Jim Oliver

Connect with Jack Miller:
Website: Gelt Financial
Linked In: Gelt Financial

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