Grab the Opportunity and then Wash your Hands!

Grab the Opportunity and then Wash your Hands!

In this episode, Jim Oliver and Nick Kosko discuss:

COVID 19 and the opportunities available on the other side of this pandemic
Infinite banking policies and their ability to weather the storm
How creativity will provide a way forward

Key Takeaways:

Now’s the time to evolve and use the technology available because businesses as we know it will be forever changed.
Use your time wisely and benefit from being able to educate yourself. 
We can come out of this even stronger, happier and more abundant. Mind over matter!
Don’t let fear win. Be cautious and make wise decisions but never allow fear to be a blocker to your abundance mindset.

“Now’s the time to level up, instead of hunkering down. Level up, be looking, be ready and have an abundant mindset at all times.”        – Nick Kosko

Book References:
Ditch the Pitch by Steve Yastrow
Advanced Tax Strategies by Amanda Han and Matthew Macfarland

Connect with Nick Kosko:
LinkedIn: Nick Kosko
Facebook: Nick Kosko

Connect with Jim Oliver:
Facebook: CreateTailwind & Jim Oliver
YouTube: CreateTailwind
LinkedIn: Jim Oliver

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