Jon Fuller: Speaking God’s Frequency

Jon Fuller: Speaking God's Frequency

In this episode, Jim Oliver and Jon Fuller discuss:

Combining your faith and being an entrepreneur
Taking his God given gift and entrepreneurial spirit and transitioning from using it for evil to using it for good and legit business
How once he started aligning himself up with what God had to say – his life, his marriage and his family radically changed. 

Key Takeaways:

Create business opportunities that are above and beyond anything we can imagine our faith
Decide what you want and take massive action and whatever doesn’t work..change it!
You’re going to fail, and you need to be okay with failure because all of us have done it, but failures don’t define you. 
The only thing that eliminates fear is action. Action cures fear.

“Just go for your dream, realize you’re gonna fall flat on your face, learn from it and then just keep moving forward.”  Jon Fuller

About Jon Fuller: Jon is a devoted husband for over 20 years, father of 3, entrepreneur, and host of the podcast, “Are You Real”. Jon along with his wife, Kasey, own and operate several businesses. Their main business is a construction company where they build new homes, remodel, and buy and flip homes as well. Along with all of their businesses, and a busy family life Jon’s podcast has also been in the top 5 for over a year, and hit #1 multiple times in the U.S., and U.K.

Book References:
Speaking God’s Frequency by Jon B. Fuller
Profit First by Mike Michalowicz
Total Focus by Brandon Webb
Destined to Win by Kris Vallotton and Thomas Nelson
Chase the Lion by Mark Batterson
Illusions by Richard Bach
Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach

Connect with Jon Fuller:
 Website: New Life Homes TX
Instagram: @areyourealpod
Facebook: @areyourealpod
Twitter: @areyourealpod

Connect with Jim Oliver:
Facebook: CreateTailwind & Jim Oliver
YouTube: CreateTailwind
LinkedIn: Jim Oliver

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