How to Identify Misinformation & Avoid Conforming to the Herd

How to Identify Misinformation & Avoid Conforming to the Herd

Breakaway Wealth: Episode 18 – If your goal is to achieve financial freedom, you’re probably already aware that you need separate yourself from the conventional path. The difficulty lies in the fact that so much of the information we receive is intended to keep us in line with the status quo. How do you identify the misinformation? Are there ways to avoid conforming, despite the inundation of rigged ‘facts’?

On this episode, I talk with Nick Kosko and Matt Johnson to answer common questions and dispel myths around IBC.

“To be extraordinary we can’t have the same tactics as the average.” -Jim Oliver

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Three Things We Learned from this Episode
We are programmed to not ask questions

Far too often we’re taught to listen to the professionals. From following doctors’ orders, to blindly accepting ‘facts’ from Wall Street, we are socialized to believe the answers to our problems lie in the hands of someone else.

Be wary of advertising

Many of the ‘facts’ we take for granted on a daily basis originate in advertising and marketing campaigns. Indeed, a lot of the ‘truths’ we’re inundated with are not legitimate at all, but instead the result of internalized advertisements we’ve seen regularly.

Get uncomfortable to see results

The harsh reality is, there is no quick way to wealth and financial freedom. You cannot leave your money in the hands of a professional in the hopes that you’ll see great results.

With the high number of advertisements we see for financial services, it’s easy to be influenced by the noise. After all, we’ve been taught throughout our lives to follow the herd. While that might keep you afloat, it’s certainly never going to make you extraordinary. Stop listening to the misinformation used to appease the average, and you’ll see above-average results.

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