Un-Learning What the Finance Industry Taught Us w/Daniel Ameduri

Un-Learning What the Finance Industry Taught Us w/Daniel Ameduri

Breakaway Wealth: Episode 17 – Most of what we know about making money has been taught to us by successful people. Have those people ever found themselves in difficult situations? How did they get out of their financial predicaments? Can we use their mistakes as part of our learning process?

On this episode, I talk with Daniel Ameduri, author at Future Money Trends. Daniel has an amazing story as someone who got back on his feet after financial devastation, and went on to become a multi-millionaire. He’s here to share his story and give advice on how to avoid making his mistakes.

“You cannot let society teach our kids about money, because they’ll teach them lies or nothing at all.” -Jim Oliver

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Three Things We Learned from this Episode
Don’t give up too easily

You have it within yourself to change your situation, and it doesn’t require you to change your career or industry. Far too often, people experiencing financial hardship believe quitting the business will work out for them. Don’t give up that easily! Reapproach the way you’re thinking and keep putting in the work you’re doing. You’re taking small steps towards a big future.

Stop planning so much

Our society routinely emphasizes the importance of planning. The problem is, we use the excuse of planning as a way to procrastinate. The best way to learn the business is by being on the frontlines. Stop thinking you need to wait for anything.

Re-think the way you invest

In our fast-paced world, we’re under the impression that we need to invest in everything, all the time. The problem is, we’re not necessarily investing in the best of anything. Rather than following the crowd, take a moment to pause. Wait until you see the perfect investment opportunity and you’ll yield much better results.

Far too much of what we think we know comes from Wall Street. The problem with that is, we’re being taught how to make more money for the finance industry rather than for ourselves. Stop thinking you have to invest immediately, or plan everything carefully. Keep doing what you love, and learn while you do it.

Guest Bio

Daniel is the founder and author at Future Money Trends. From an early age, Daniel knew he wanted to be a successful businessman. From selling pens at school, to buying into his first business at 16 and buying his first stocks at 17, Daniel was something of a business wunderkind. However, early prosperity couldn’t stop him from running into financial turmoil later. While his finances suffered in this period, Daniel went on to push through difficulty to emerge on the other side as a multimillionaire.

Go to https://www.futuremoneytrends.com/ for more information and https://www.youtube.com/user/FutureMoneyTrends to watch Daniel’s videos. Email daniel@futuremoneytrends.com for more information.

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