Ep. 296: From 9-to-5 Employees to Full-Time Real Estate Investors: The Power of Small Wins and Commitment | Jenn and Joe Delle Fave

From 9-to-5 Employees to Full-Time Real Estate Investors: The Power of Small Wins and Commitment | Jenn and Joe Delle Fave

In This Episode:

In this episode, Jenn and Joe Delle Fave share their journey from working 9-to-5 jobs to becoming full-time real estate investors. They started with one rental property at a time and eventually discovered creative financing as a way to scale their business without relying on traditional bank loans. They explain how they bought properties with little to no money down and negotiated terms with sellers, allowing them to cash flow and receive backend payments.

3 Key Takeaways:
  • Creative Financing Mastery: Jenn and Joe discuss their transition from conventional real estate transactions to using creative financing methods, enabling them to acquire properties without traditional bank loans.

  • Financial Independence Strategy: The Delle Fave’s explain how they escaped the constraints of their 9-to-5 jobs through strategic real estate investments, emphasizing the importance of cash flow, zero-interest mortgages, and minimizing out-of-pocket expenses.

  • Coaching and Empowerment: Highlighting their success, Jenn and Joe now coach others in real estate investing, offering practical advice and insights on achieving similar financial freedom.

Listen to Jenn and Joe DelleFave’s inspiring story to understand how you can apply creative financing strategies to transform your financial future.

00:00 Introduction and Background
03:03 Transitioning from 9-to-5 to Full-Time Real Estate Investors
08:11 Discovering Creative Financing and Scaling the Business
10:45 Buying Properties with Little to No Money Down
14:14 Cash Flow and Backend Payments with Rent-to-Own
18:44 Breaking Away from Traditional Work
21:09 Building a Team and Helping Others
23:36 Continuous Learning and Education
26:16 Solving Problems and Making Deals
29:22 The Best Advice: Choose Your Sources Wisely
31:55 Transforming Mindset with ‘Think and Grow Rich’


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