Ep. 294: Success Patterns in Estate Planning and Wealth Protection | Chris Johnsen

Success Patterns in Estate Planning and Wealth Protection | Chris Johnsen

In This Episode:

Jim interviews Chris Johnsen, a business lawyer and entrepreneur. They discuss topics such as trusts, estate planning, patterns of success, and the importance of mindset. Chris shares his journey from being a partner at a big law firm to starting his own businesses.

3 Key Takeaways:
  • Patterns of Success: Johnsen emphasizes the significance of cultivating patterns of success from a young age. He reflects on his upbringing, highlighting the importance of frugality, financial education, and the ability to defer gratification to secure future success.

  • Entrepreneurial Journey: Transitioning from a successful career in a prestigious law firm, Johnsen discusses the pivotal moment that led him to start his own businesses. By leveraging virtual platforms and embracing a nationwide approach, he offers legal services tailored to entrepreneurs and businesses across various sectors.

  • Estate Planning and Asset Protection: With a focus on the intersection of financial strategies and legal expertise, Johnsen gets into the importance of estate planning and asset protection. He discusses proactive legal measures in safeguarding wealth and navigating complex financial landscapes.

Chris’s law firm exemplifies the modern approach to legal services, emphasizing talent over location. For those seeking legal counsel and financial wisdom, check them out!


00:00 Introduction and Background
01:07 Exploring Trusts and Estate Planning
07:06 The Virtual Nature of Law Firms
09:54 Harvesting the Good and Forgiving the Rest
14:27 The Power of ‘Think and Grow Rich’


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Website: https://www.johnsenlaw.com

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