Ep. 290: How to Blow Past the Majority in Your Investments with Ken Freeman

How to Blow Past the Majority in Your Investments with Ken Freeman

In This Episode:

In this episode, Jim Oliver and Ken Freeman discuss various investment strategies and the importance of financial education. They highlight the pitfalls of common investment advice and emphasize the need for a personalized approach based on income levels.

They also explore the concepts of velocity and volume in wealth building and the benefits of functional education. Jim and Nick explore the meaning and impact of true education. The conversation concludes with a discussion on financial independence and the value of learning from credible sources.

3 Key Takeaways:
  • Personalize Your Investment Strategies: Your income level should determine your investment approach. Learn to tailor your strategy to get optimal results.


  • Velocity and Volume: Smart investors prioritize velocity and volume to get returns and cash flow.

  • Building Your System: Learning how to build something is different than building it yourself – and that difference is the key to meaningful knowledge.

Remember to tailor your investment strategies, prioritize velocity and volume in wealth building, and seek credible sources for your financial education. 

Stay tuned for more valuable insights on achieving financial independence and building lasting wealth.

00:00 Introduction and Background
03:14 Pitfalls of Common Investment Strategies
08:05 Investing for Different Income Levels
13:59 The Importance of Velocity and Volume
19:49 Building Wealth for the Middle Class
25:27 The Value of Functional Education
30:13 Financial Independence and Freedom
36:30 Accelerating Wealth Building on Wall Street
38:23 Beware of Charlatans and Seek Knowledge
39:23 Wealth Building through Real Estate and Businesses
41:16 The Three Types of Wealthy Individuals
42:16 Ken’s Quick Understanding of Infinite Banking
43:12 Taking Control of Your Financial Education
44:43 Living Life Actively and Learning from Others
46:14 Ken’s Unique Perspective on Financial Education
47:16 Best Advice: Learn from Those Who Have What You Want
48:41 The Bible as the Most Valuable Book


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