Ep. 286: The Creative Investor: Exploring Faith, Real Estate, and Personal Growth with Brett Snodgrass

The Creative Investor: Exploring Faith, Real Estate, and Personal Growth with Brett Snodgrass

In This Episode:

In this episode of Breakaway Wealth, Jim Oliver engages in a conversation with Brett Snodgrass, a seasoned real estate investor. Snodgrass shares insights into his journey, from being a teacher’s son in Indiana to becoming a successful business owner in the real estate industry.

The episode focuses on strategies like seller financing and creative financing, revealing opportunities for listeners in the current market.

3 Key Takeaways:

  • ‘Subject To’ Deals Demystified: Explore the concept of “Subject To” deals, where the focus is not only on the financial gains but also on serving individuals facing challenges. Brett sheds light on how these deals can be a win-win for both investors and distressed homeowners.

  • Impact of Faith in Business: The conversation explores Snodgrass’s journey of integrating faith into his business practices. He highlights the importance of humility, putting others first, and making decisions with integrity. This unique approach has contributed to the success of his real estate ventures.

  • Seller Financing Game Changer: Snodgrass introduces the concept of seller financing on the buying end, showcasing its potential as a game-changer. He discusses a scenario where charging higher interest rates than the prevailing market rates results in a significant long-term financial advantage.

Brett’s journey from being a teacher’s son to a successful real estate entrepreneur serves as inspiration for anyone looking to break away from the ordinary and explore new avenues of wealth creation.

His emphasis on humility, putting others first, and making business decisions with integrity adds a unique dimension to his success.


00:00 Introduction and Background
03:19 Faith in Business
08:24 Seller Financing and Being the Bank
11:32 The Power of Creative Financing
15:26 Working with Clients and Building a Team
22:22 Iron Deep and Connecting with Brett


Connect with Brett Snodgrass:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/brettsnodgrass18
YouTube: www.youtube.com/@irondeep
Website: www.irondeep.com

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Website: https://createtailwind.com/
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LinkedIn: Jim Oliver

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