Ep. 277: Fueling Wealth: Navigating the Oil and Gas Investment Landscape with Alex Ottewell

Fueling Wealth: Navigating the Oil and Gas Investment Landscape with Alex Ottewell

In This Episode:

In this Breakaway Wealth podcast episode, Jim sits with Alex Ottewell, founder of One World Petroleum, delving into Ottewell’s journey from the real estate industry to oil and gas.

Born in England, Ottewell moved to the US at nine, entered real estate at 19, and later transitioned to the oil and gas industry.

3 Key Takeaways:
  • Real Estate Ventures: Alex emphasizes the significance of timing and building relationships with banks and certificate holders during the real estate crisis.

  • Opportunities for Investors: Alex outlines two primary ways for investors to participate: Debt model which involves lending to the projects, providing a fixed return with minimal involvement in the operational aspects; and Direct ownership which offers higher returns but involves participating in profits and potential losses, requiring a higher level of engagement.

  • Tax Benefits in Oil and Gas: Ownership in oil and gas ventures can provide tax breaks, with a focus on proven, developed, producing assets offering an 18% annual tax credit. Alex discusses significant tax benefits, including up to 90% tax credits for certain activities such as workovers and drilling.

Remember, success leaves clues, and today, Alex shared valuable insights from his journey, as he broke away from the herd and found opportunities in a unique space.

Whether you’re considering debt models, direct interest partnerships, or exploring tax-efficient investment avenues, Alex’s experiences offer a wealth of information.


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