Ep. 255: Navigating Life’s Traffic Lights: Deciding When to Hit the Gas, Brake, or Wait

Navigating Life's Traffic Lights: Deciding When to Hit the Gas, Brake, or Wait

In This Episode:

In this episode of Breakaway Wealth, your hosts Jim Oliver and Nick Kosko delve into the art of decision-making and risk-taking in the pursuit of success and wealth generation. Using the metaphor of navigating through traffic lights, they explore how to determine when to hit the gas, pump the brakes, or wait.

Jim and Nick also introduce and discuss the “R factor question” exercise – a MUST to clarify personal and professional aspirations, and know what to do when you hit a yellow light.

Key Takeaways:
  • Navigating Yellow Light Moments: Learn how to recognize the “yellow light” opportunities and decide whether to proceed, pause, or change course.

  • Take Action to Overcome Fear: It’s critical to watch, study and learn then…take action.

  • Defining Vision and Goals: Learn about the “R factor question” and how it has impacted Jim and Nick. A practical takeaway you can do for yourself!


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