Ep. 241: Looking At Success Holistically with Julie Hruska

Looking At Success Holistically with Julie Hruska

In This Episode:

Welcome to the latest episode of Breakaway Wealth. In this episode, Jim sits down with Julie Hruska, a high-performance coach who helps her clients reach their full potential and bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be. Julie is a holistic life coach who takes a tailored approach to set each of her clients on the path to greatness.

Together, Jim and Julie discuss the power of finding clarity in your vision and creating an anchored plan to achieve your goals. They delve into the different strategies involved in holistic life coaching, such as using the habits of clarity, courage, energy, necessity, productivity and influence, and how these elements are interconnected.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, or simply looking to improve your overall mindset, this episode is packed with valuable insights.

Connect with Brian Bogert:
Julie can be contacted directly at Julie@powerfulleaders.com
Website: https://powerfulleaders.com
LinkedIn:  Julie Hruska

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Website: https://createtailwind.com/
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