Overcoming Adversity through Mindset with Jamin Olivencia

Overcoming Adversity through Mindset with Jamin Olivencia

In This Episode:

In this week’s episode Jim Oliver interviews professional wrestler turned motivational speaker and coach, Jamin Olivencia. Jamin shares how his experiences as a youth and then again in the wrestling ring along with a strong mindset instilled by his mother helped him overcome adversity and how he works with others now to do the same.

Growing up Jamin was a special needs kid who believed in limitations but had a dream of being a professional wrestler. From a thin sliver of a dream, professional wrestling became his reality.

His 15+ years of professional wrestling gifted him with an intimacy with life. He learned to connect with the audience through unwavering self-belief. Now, no longer limited to the wrestling ring, every moment and person Jamin comes across is a sacred arena for transformation. He enables people to embrace their struggles in a meaningful way and to use their vulnerability as a powerful means of connection.

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