Ep. 221: The Dirtiest Secret the Banks Don’t Want You to Know with Fouad Bazzi

The Dirtiest Secret the Banks Don’t Want You to Know with Fouad Bazzi

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Are taxes going up or down? Are those dollars in your pocket worth more today or the future? Would you rather pay tax on the seed or the harvest? These are the three questions that Jim asks people all the time, and the answers come so easily. Taxes are going up, of course, our dollars will be worth less in the future, and you would rather pay tax on the seed. Yet a traditional 401(k) or IRA violates all of these answers, and people are still putting their money there. Why? Because people still don’t fully understand just how devastating inflation really is.


The only way to keep up with inflation is to have actual assets – not instruments in Wall Street eroding every day – but assets. After 21 years in banking, that’s exactly what this week’s guest learned. Fouad Bazzi realized he could step away from the corporate grind and that investing would be a better option, and as a result has been running a short-term rental business for the last year. He sold every stock he ever had and began investing in the rental sector, and his business is thriving. He joins Jim this week to share his journey into short-term rentals, what drove him to do this, and how he runs his business differently from the norm.


There is a reason that banks are the most profitable businesses in the world and it’s because they control your money. But there is something the banks don’t want you to know, and Fouad is sharing it with you this week. Jim and Fouad discuss the benefits of having assets, how Fouad broke away from the corporate sector, and the true power of real estate. Find out why people shouldn’t be putting their money in Wall Street, the reasons more people don’t invest in short-term rentals, and everything you need to consider if you are interested in breaking into the short-term rental space.

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