Ep. 217: Financial Freedom Starts Young with Jake Kosko

Financial Freedom Starts Young with Jake Kosko

In This Episode:

If our life on earth is measured in time, how much is it worth to have more time with your family? Most people go to work every day, they work long hours and they do things they don’t really want to do. They stay stuck behind a desk with their boss telling them over and over what they need to do, and they exchange their time for money. But would you rather sit at a desk all day and have people controlling you, or would you rather invest in real estate, own businesses, spend more time with your family, and have your assets provide your ideal standard of living? That’s what this week’s guest is here to discuss further because this is exactly what inspired him to learn more about infinite banking and investing.

Jim is joined this week by Jake Kosko. For those who haven’t heard Jake before, he’s an experienced investor who has been doing infinite banking for a while, and because he didn’t have many influenced paradigms or ingrained beliefs cemented in like so many of us have, he was able to grasp the concept of infinite banking pretty quickly. He bought real estate, bought into a business, and funded two policies, and has made incredible returns in just one year. And the most important point to mention: he is just 13 years old.

Jake is wasting no time going down the wrong path like so many people older than him, and he is already growing his infinite banking system and financial freedom plan. He recalls what life was like when his Dad had a job versus what their family life is like now that he is more financially independent, and the difference this has made to his life and his family. Jake shares when he was first introduced to infinite banking, why you are never too young or old to start investing in real estate or learning infinite banking, his advice for anybody looking to get into it, and how he learned to understand the importance of buying assets that provide for you for the rest of your life.

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