Ep. 209: Carbon Investing and Accelerated Depreciation with Michelle Kimbro

Carbon Investing and Accelerated Depreciation with Michelle Kimbro

In This Episode:

In This Episode:

Michelle Kimbro is a nursing executive turned investment entrepreneur here to teach us how to reduce your taxable income by investing in carbon capture and storage technology using accelerated depreciation. Michelle literally drills down into cash-on-cash ways of doing this, using innovative new offshore drilling and carbon capture technology that incentivizes tax breaks through accelerated depreciation. 


Michelle’s patented mobile carbon capture technology contracts with Exxon and their technology sits atop the pipeline and simultaneously absorbs and cleans the CO2 emissions to EPA standards. That is then re-injected back into the same well site for what is called ‘enhanced oil recovery’. This saves Exxon a lot of money to sequester the CO2 (as they’d ordinarily have to haul it off to a processing plant and then sell to a secondary market). This closed service is far more lucrative. 


Michelle’s company raises capital for the equipment and revenue shares with Exxon on the additional barrels of oil that come out of the well site. The kicker is that they can leverage a portion of the tax code favorable to oil and gas – and leverage bonus depreciation in year one for their investors. This is the last year where bonus depreciation is set at 100% (next year, it goes to 80%, with a 20% reduction until it’s phased out).


A $100K investment, for example, would yield a 2X return ($200K), factoring in bonus depreciation. If you’re paying 40% on tax, you can reduce your taxable income by $80K. This is huge for someone living in a high-income state. Plus, it cash flows. If you average the annual rate of return over seven years, it’s between 25 – 26%. As Jim says, “Wow, where else are you going to get that?” 


This investment is for someone looking for a tax play to reduce their taxable income – as well as being something that cash flows. And, with an additional 80 000 IRS agents looking into the real estate market, this investment seems even more appealing. This offering is a 506C offering for accredited investors only.



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