BREAKAWAY WEALTH CreateTailwind Community Q&A Discussion

BREAKAWAY WEALTH CreateTailwind Community Q&A Discussion

In This Episode:

You asked and they listened! Jim and Nick Kosko are back this week with an after-hours Q&A to answer all of your burning questions. And remember, in these Q&As, you can ask anything you want. This week, they’re answering questions about IBC for people starting out on a low budget, taking out insurance purely for the purpose of IBC, and talking more about the Becoming Your Own Banker course inside the community. If you’re still unclear on the principles of IBC, what it entails, or even what IBC stands for, you’re in the right place.

Did you know that more billionaires are made with real estate than anything else? Want to know what happens if you can’t pay premiums, or how soon after starting an insurance policy can you start doing IBC? Jim and Nick Kosko are answering your questions on a range of topics around IBC, whole life policies, death benefits, and premiums, and they’re also sharing what the CreateTailwind business model looks like, plus much more.

If air doesn’t flow through your lungs you die. If water doesn’t flow, it’s stagnant and poisonous, and if money doesn’t flow it’s dead. Jim and Nick practice what they preach and they love to be a small part in helping you change your life. In this episode, they share why they want you to buy cash-flowing assets and how to make your IBC system super efficient and pay for itself. Hear from people who are truly breaking away from the herd and how they’re doing it, how to make sure the IBC system you are building will work, and a few bonus answers to questions that weren’t asked.


Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

Becoming Your Own Banker: Unlock the Infinite Banking Concept by R. Nelson Nash 

Building Your Warehouse of Wealth by R. Nelson Nash

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