How to Break into the Short-Term Rental Space with Julian Sage

How to Break into the Short-Term Rental Space with Julian Sage

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Have you ever wondered how you can get into the real estate industry without having to spend a lot of money? When you are in real estate, you are not just a real estate investor; you are in the real estate business and this week’s podcast guest is here to share his success in running a short-term rental company. Julian Sage was looking for a way to grow and acquire multiple properties without putting up a lot of capital when he discovered the world of short-term rentals.

When it comes to business, we often have to try things that don’t work over and over again. But the key is continuing until we find the thing that does work, and that’s exactly what Julian did. After spending his savings investing in various businesses that didn’t succeed, Julian Sage found himself out of money and ready to give up. He started renting out his basement and found that doing so covered his mortgage payments, so he decided to explore the short-term rental space further. He quickly discovered that there are thousands of people out there making money from short-term rentals and bringing up to 7 times more money than long-term rentals. He is now transitioning to grow his short-term rental business full-time and joins Jim on the show this week to share his journey.

Julian plays a very active role in his business, but there are many different ways to be involved with short-term rentals. Whether you want to do it yourself, partner with someone as a co-host, or invest passively into a fund, Julian is sharing some approaches you can take to get into the world of short-term rentals. Hear why short-term rentals are completely different from long-term rentals and what many people don’t realize when they get into this space. He also shares his forecast for short-term rentals in the coming years and some tips to help you get started in this industry.

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