CreateTailwind Community Q&A Discussion

Create Tailwind Community Q&A Discussion

In This Episode:

Every Thursday in the CreateTailwind community, there is a live Q&A. Members can come along and ask anything they want to know about infinite banking, financial freedom, or anything else they want help with. After the most recent session, Jim and Nick Kosko realized it would make a great episode to share with the podcast community, so this week, they share a recent Q&A session from inside the CreateTailwind community.


Knowledge doesn’t necessarily equal understanding and that’s where the Q&A comes in. Ever wondered whether a company is set up well to do IBC? Did you know that the largest insurance company in the country nearly got taken down by 20 people in England? Are you educating yourself about infinite banking or just trying to understand a little more about the inner workings of the financial system, how privatized banking works, and the benefits of being in full control of your money? Jim and Nick are answering a range of questions and sharing some tips, advice, and resources to help.  

Nelson Nash would say that every government plan has wound up doing the exact opposite of what it was intended to do. The entire system we live and breathe is geared to get your money to flow away from you and allow other people to be in control of you and your money. In this episode, you’ll learn more about putting your money into life insurance policies vs Roths, the problem with Comdex ratings, and why making mistakes with your money is still better than giving control to the government. They address all of this and more, so if you have a question to ask or want to join the next Q&A, be sure to join the CreateTailwind community today by clicking here.

Let us tell you about a new course that just landed in the CreateTailwind community called TaxInvisible. In this course Jim Oliver, founder + coach at CreateTailwind, shares why we need to be TaxInvisible and how IBC gets you there.

With taxes continuing to go up, they become more of an attack on our wealth. What ‘they’ are telling us to do with our money isn’t right.

In this course you’ll learn:

– What’s happening with inflation and taxes

– Where to store your money

– Why we have to take advantage of every opportunity with the current internal revenue code.

– What actions to take to break away from the herd

Reverse the lie, learn what the wealthy already know, learn to be TaxInvisible.


Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

The Case for IBC by R. Nelson Nash, L. Carlos Lara, Robert P. Murphy PhD

Building Your Warehouse of Wealth by R. Nelson Nash

How Privatized Banking Really Works by L. Carlos Lara and Robert P. Murphy

Financial Independence in the 21st Century by Dwayne Burnell and Suzanne Burnell

Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not! by Robert T. Kiyosaki

Cash Flow for Kids Game

Second Chance: for Your Money, Your Life and Our World by Robert T. Kiyosaki

The Richest Man In Babylon by George S Clason



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