The Importance of Moving Your Money with Logan Rankin

The Importance of Moving Your Money with Logan Rankin

In This Episode:

Have you ever wondered why banks and insurance companies are so wealthy? There is a simple answer; it’s because they move money. A lot of people assume that when they deposit money into the bank, the bank keeps it. But they don’t; they use their cash as a liability. They loan it out as fast as they can in a million different ways, creating velocity of money. They want your cash, they want this liability because it produces income.

Most people are trained to keep their money still, and the worst part is that they don’t even realize it. People don’t know any better. So how do you make sure your money is moving and that you can control it? Do what the banks do; create velocity of money. You shouldn’t be holding and stacking your money, you should be keeping it moving, and there are actionable things you can do if you want to be successful and wealthy. You can do all the things a bank does when it comes to money, and Logan Rankin is back this week to show you how.

There is a lot of talk about inflation, and what you shouldn’t do with your money, so Jim and Logan are showing you what you should be doing, why saving money nowadays means losing money, and how to move your money around to create financial velocity. Logan shares why he gets so passionate about where people put their money, and you’ll discover how to use your money to create financial freedom for yourself, and similar velocity to the bank. No matter what you have been taught up to now, you should not be keeping your money still. Hear why this week.

Let us tell you about a new course that just landed in the CreateTailwind community called TaxInvisible. In this course Jim Oliver, founder + coach at CreateTailwind, shares why we need to be TaxInvisible and how IBC gets you there.

With taxes continuing to go up, they become more of an attack on our wealth. What ‘they’ are telling us to do with our money isn’t right.

In this course you’ll learn:
– What’s happening with inflation and taxes
– Where to store your money
– Why we have to take advantage of every opportunity with the current internal revenue code.
– What actions to take to break away from the herd

Reverse the lie, learn what the wealthy already know, learn to be TaxInvisible.

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