Jullien Gordon: The Track to Freedom

Jullien Gordon: The Track to Freedom

Join Jim Oliver as he welcomes Jullien Gordon, a young entrepreneur on a mission to free people from financial slavery by coaching others on multifamily real estate investments. 

Jullien learned from an early age that high income alone does not guarantee financial security and that ASSETS are the key to freedom. Jullien believes that maintaining the balance between spiritual and physical wealth is essential to prospering. Jullien offers classes, webinars, and talks on topics such as:

  • The Multifamily Map: How to find great emerging markets, neighborhoods, and properties near you or from a distance that will provide great cash flow and potential appreciation
  • The Multifamily Math: How to quickly and quantitatively evaluate a real estate deal in less than 10 minutes so that you can make an offer before anyone else
  • The Multifamily Mindset: How to think like a real estate investor when it comes to wealth, money, real estate, and debt

If you’re interested in learning more about multifamily real estate investments or would like to contact Jullien personally, visit julliengordon.com

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