The Case for IBC – Part 5: How Does This Work?

The Case for IBC - Part 5: How Does This Work?

Join Jim Oliver and Nick Kosko as they continue their break down of R. Nelson Nash’s book “The Case for IBC”.

In this episode we address frequently asked questions clients have when first approached with Infinite Banking Concept and clear up some common misconceptions about life insurance in the process. 

Frequently Asked Question’s:

  1. What does life insurance have to with banking?
  2. What if I’m uninsurable? Can I still use IBC?
  3. Why use whole life instead of term life insurance?
  4. Why use life insurance for IBC rather than borrowing against other assets?
  5. What happens if the economy crashes? Does that affect life insurance policies?
  6. What if Congress changes the tax rules governing life insurance?
  7. Could you become your own banker with a universal life or other permanent life insurance policy?
  8. Am I too old for this?

Purchase your copy of “The Case for IBC” HERE 

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