Connor Boyack: The Freedom Fighter

Connor Boyack: The Freedom Fighter

In this episode, Jim Oliver and Connor Boyack discuss:

The Tuttle Twins – a series of books, about the free market, written and created by Connor in a unique and innovative way that allows children age 5 – 11 to understand political and economic ideas.
The lack of age-appropriate educational resources and how the curriculum in our education system doesn’t teach these economic and social principals.
The unintentional secondary audience of parents that have also benefited from sharing these stories with their child.

Key Takeaways:

The Tuttle Twins series creates a foundation that parents can now build on and have some really fun conversations with their children about topics like foreign policy, entrepreneurship, the Federal Reserve, inflation, and money.
If you don’t understand the concept, the details are irrelevant.
Utilize the resources available that will help educate you to the truth.

“We take these classic works where people have explained core ideas that the public needs to learn and then we take it one step further to make it more accessible even to kids.”   – Connor Boyack

Book Reference:
The Tuttle Twins by Connor Boyack
Feardom by Connor Boyack
Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Ciadini
The Right and Wrong of Compulsion by The State by Auberon Herbert

Check out Free Market Rules!
Free Market Economic Curriculum for kids of all ages (and parents!)
A comprehensive curriculum for parents and children to learn together about the free market.

About Connor Boyack: Connor Boyack is president of Libertas Institute, a free-market think tank in Utah. In that capacity, he has spearheaded a number of successful policy reforms in areas such as education reform, civil liberties, government transparency, business deregulation, personal freedom, and more.

Connor is also president of The Association for Teaching Kids Economics, a nationally focused nonprofit training teachers on basic economic principles so they are empowered and motivated to help their students learn more about the free market.

A public speaker and author of over a dozen books, Connor is best known for The Tuttle Twins books, a children’s series introducing young readers to economic, political, and civic principles. Connor lives near Salt Lake City, Utah, with his wife and two homeschooled children.


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