Mike Michalowicz: Simplify Your Entrepreneurial Journey

In this episode, Jim Oliver and Mike Michalowicz discuss:

  • How losing everything Mike had was the impetus that made him begin researching what makes entrepreneurs successful. 
  • How to avoid the trap that business owners face of living crisis to crisis.
  • Mike’s latest book, Fix This Next, and other resources that he provides for entrepreneurs.

Key Takeaways:

  • Profit First is the pay yourself first principle applied to business.
  • Don’t do the work – delegate the work.
  • The biggest challenge a business owner has is knowing what their biggest challenge is. 

“I’m not saying entrepreneurship isn’t hard work, but it is successful when you do smart work.”         – Mike Michalowicz

About Mike Michalowicz: Mike Michalowicz is the entrepreneur behind three multimillion-dollar companies and is the author of Profit First, Clockwork, The Pumpkin Plan, and his newest book, Fix This Next. Mike is a former small business columnist for The Wall Street Journal and regularly travels the globe as an entrepreneurial advocate.


Book References:

Fix This Next by Mike Michalowicz

Profit First by Mike Michalowicz


Connect with Mike Michalowicz:
Instagram: Mike Michalowicz
Facebook: Mike Michalowicz
Website:Fix This Next & MikeMichaolwicz.com

Connect with Jim Oliver:
Facebook: CreateTailwind & Jim Oliver
Website: CreateTailwind.com 
YouTube: CreateTailwind
LinkedIn: Jim Oliver

Connect with Jim Oliver: 
Facebook: CreateTailwind & Jim Oliver
Website: CreateTailwind.com 
YouTube: CreateTailwind
LinkedIn: Jim Oliver

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