Nelson Nash Series Part 4 – Applying Nelson’s Teachings

In this episode, Jim Oliver, Justin Craft, and Joe Pantozi discuss:

  • Nelson’s impact on the industry and in the lives of his mentees
  • Why many advisors don’t practice Nelson Nash’s teachings
  • How Nelson’s brush with death caused him to dedicate his life to this work
  • How the client’s thinking shifts once they understand infinite banking

Key Takeaways:

  • Nelson taught that the way to increase your success with clients is to have their best interest in mind and not be concerned with what your commissions will be
  • Government programs typically discriminate against high-earning individuals
  • Introducing IBC causes clients to ask how much they can invest in their family right now, instead of what they will have to spend for a death benefits later
  • With as little as $5,000 per year you can create success with Nelson’s system

“When people would learn about the power that they had to create these systems for themselves and secede from the banking system and to create private banking systems they stop asking me what this is going to cost me and they started asking me how much can I get into this system.” — Joe Pantozi

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