How Advertising Gets Money to Flow Away From Us

How Advertising Gets Money to Flow Away From Us

Breakaway Wealth: Episode 4 – There’s an unseen game that’s letting money flow away from us. What institutions are making it impossible for us to see our money, and how do they do it? How are our wealth-building efforts being affected by some of the fees we’re paying? What is velocity of money, and why is it so powerful?

On this episode, we talk about some of the key institutions designed to get money to flow away from us and discuss the effect it has on our wealth.

“We have to think like a business owner, act like a banker, and get money to flow back to us.” -Jim Oliver

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Three Things We Learned from this Episode
The true intentions of financial institutions

Every financial institution in the world wants control of your money, and they want as much of it is as possible. They want to keep it as long as you let them, and give you back as little as possible.

Three ways money flows away from us

When we get paid, our money first flows to the government through tax, then to Wall Street in the form of retirement plan contributions, then it flows away to the bank. The bank wants this flow because it allows them to use our money to make money for itself.

Motion is the law of God

When we just save money without actually putting it to use, we’re losing out. Everything that is alive has to have flow to survive. Stagnant water isn’t safe to drink; we need blood and air to flow in our bodies to stay alive. Money is the same— it needs to be in motion in order to grow.

The system is rigged by financial institutions who are out to get as much of our money as possible. We see this in fees and other costs that come with having our money managed. Whether we make more money or not, those institutions still demand it. What we need to do is start getting money to flow back to us, and then add velocity to the turnaround by getting more and more coming in. If we do this, financial independence becomes possible and practical.


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