In this module, we get an understanding on why Nelson Nash calls it the Infinite Banking Concept, and why its name plays such a big importance.

Why Nelson Calls It The Infinite Banking Concept

Download: IBC and Constant Compounding - by Dr. Robert Murphy

Introduction: A common method of showing the public the power of Nelson Nash’s “Infinite Banking Concept” (ICB) is to stress its feature of “constant compounding.” In contrast to many other asset classes, dividend-paying Whole Life insurance always increases in value. Indeed, some proponents of IBC enthusiastically declare: “There’s nothing else like it!” - Download the article for the complete picture.


Download: The Perfect Investment - by Carlos Lara

Introduction: There is no other way to put it. Americans have been tricked! The hidden process of money creation that artifcially manipulates interest rates and creates economic booms has misguided society’s views of money and credit. This has been especially noticeable in our modern view of savings. - Read the full article - complete the quick form to download this informative resource!


Download: IBC for Business Owners - by Carlos Lara

Introduction: In times of great financial uncertainty businesses intuitively know that first—you need cash to maneuver and second— you need to be able to access that cash immediately when you need it. Maintaining a liquid position in an economic environment such as what we have today is simply practical sense. Cash and cash flow are more important factors than having a strong balance sheet, especially if that balance sheet is weighed down with illiquid assets. - Download the article that has business owners taking control of their cash flow.