Breakaway Wealth: Jim Oliver on Taking Control of the Flow of Our Money

Breakaway Wealth: Jim Oliver on Taking Control of the Flow of Our Money

Breakaway Wealth – Episode 2: Our money dies when it isn’t in motion, yet we’re constantly told to let it sit. Why are we told to park our money, when money is attracted to velocity? How does our money erode over time? Why are leverage and velocity so important to wealth building?

On this episode of the Breakaway Wealth Podcast, you’ll learn how we’re going to educate people to get empowered about their money while sharing the value of understanding how money and wealth really work.

Money is a participatory sport, you have to be involved. You can’t let someone else run with your money. -Jim Oliver

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Three Things We Learned from this Episode

  • The truth about the money messages we receive

When banks encourage us to park our money, it’s not because it serves us, but because it serves them. That also permeates into the marketing messages we receive, so we’ll rarely hear that we need to put our money in motion for it to really grow.

  • Why we shouldn’t listen to banks when it comes to how to grow our money

There’s a huge disconnect between how we handle our money versus how banks do. Most of us put our money somewhere and just hope someone is making that money grow. The truth is, banks never let money just sit. They understand that it has to be in motion.

  • 96% of fund managers don’t beat the index over time

There’s a very small percentage of mutual funds and hedge funds beating the market. The public perception is that their money will perform better being managed by people who “know better”. The reality is, people don’t actually outperform the market on average.

There are huge deals being made everyday, and people are making millions using the concepts that really work for growing wealth. The issue is, the average consumer is encouraged to do the opposite. It’s time to open the curtain on this. When we park our money, we put it in a prison and make it impossible for it to really work for us. Ultimately, we have to take more control of our money if we really want to see results.