Ep. 214: Handling Adversity in Times of Crisis with Nick Kosko

Handling Adversity in Times of Crisis with Nick Kosko

In This Episode:

Life happens, and people are facing adversity all day every day. It just so happens that the host of Breakaway Wealth faced adversity recently in an event that everybody knows about. A little over a week ago, Hurricane Ian made landfall just a couple of miles from Jim’s house and nobody heard from him for 48 hours or so. They were fighting through over 150mph winds and storm surges, and Jim was left with no power or water. Experiencing the hurricane first-hand, there are a few things he would have done differently had he known what he does now, and he’s sharing his experience and takeaways from this event this week.

In the face of adversity, there aren’t any easy decisions or solutions. The first plausible step is to simply take action. It is OK to grieve. It is OK to be sad about what you have experienced. But regardless of the experience, what really matters is your attitude. It is always liberating to take ownership of your situation, and whatever that adversity is, it is possible to not let it win, to not let it beat you. Persistency is key, and you need to be bigger, step up – not down – and come out of the adversity on the other side. And that’s what Jim and Nick are diving deeper into in this episode.

In this episode, Jim and Nick talk about adversity, crisis, and what to do when you are faced with either of these in your own life. In Jim’s case, a hurricane hit and damaged people’s homes, and people lost their lives. He shares how he handled it, his advice for what to do in a crisis, and some lessons on the different stages of a crisis and how to put them to work in your own life. Find out the importance of vision and the role it plays in handling adversity, and some strategies for handling adversity from Fortune 500 executive Deborah Smith Pegues. All thoughts and prayers here at Breakaway Wealth go out to everyone who has been affected by Hurricane Ian.

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Resources Mentioned:

Deborah Smith Pegues: Home – Deborah Smith Pegues (confrontingissues.com)

Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy Seals Lead and Win by Jocko Willink: https://www.amazon.com/Extreme-Ownership-Jocko-Willink/dp/1250183863

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