Three Keys to Any Deal with Hayden Crabtree

Three Keys to Any Deal with Hayden Crabtree

In This Episode:

In this episode you’ll discover why real estate, business, financial freedom are simple but not easy. Hayden Crabtree shares how you can break anything down into three keys to make it easier, and why you are never too old to start building a real estate portfolio. 

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Let us tell you about a new course that just landed in the CreateTailwind community called TaxInvisible. In this course Jim Oliver, founder + coach at CreateTailwind, shares why we need to be TaxInvisible and how IBC gets you there.

With taxes continuing to go up, they become more of an attack on our wealth. What ‘they’ are telling us to do with our money isn’t right.

In this course you’ll learn:

– What’s happening with inflation and taxes

– Where to store your money

– Why we have to take advantage of every opportunity with the current internal revenue code.

– What actions to take to break away from the herd

Reverse the lie, learn what the wealthy already know, learn to be TaxInvisible.

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