Vinney Chopra: Smiling His Way to the Top

Vinney Chopra: Smiling His Way to the Top

Vinney (Smile) Chopra is a real estate investor, syndicator, best-selling author, host of 4 podcasts, multifamily educator, mentor, dedicated husband of over 40 years and father of 2, Neil and Monica, residing in Danville, California for 40+ years now. He is the founder and principal of 4 main companies; Moneil Investment Group, Moneil Senior Living, Moneil Management Group, and The Multifamily Academy.

Since coming to the U.S. more than 40 years ago with only $7 in his pocket, Vinney has achieved success in a number of arenas: marketing, sales, motivational speaking and real estate investing, among them. Despite the trials and tribulations he encountered, Vinney was able to come out the winner. With his passion to help people and his drive to build lasting legacies, Vinney is an example of what positive thinking can do to impact one’s life and that of others.

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