Dr. Tom Smythe: Confidence in Financial Literacy and Planning

Dr. Tom Smythe: Confidence in Financial Literacy and Planning

In this episode, Jim Oliver and Dr. Tom Smythe discuss:

Dr. Smythe’s research on mutual funds andJosh Sweeney: Building an Epic Business with an Epic Culture individual financial literacy and planning.
The psychology behind the performance of mutual funds.
Financial education and the confidence of college students.
Building your financial literacy and confidence. 
Key Takeaways:
A person’s psychological framework can impact their initial levels of financial literacy and their ability to learn the topics.
The students that take the seminar, improve their confidence dramatically, well above the control group.
When given the chance, those from lower socio-economic statuses are able to close the gap in the knowledge and confidence in financial literacy.
It is never too late to start learning financial literacy and planning.

“The more confident that people feel, the greater the likelihood that they are going to take actions to improve their situations.” —  Dr. Tom Smythe

 About Dr. Tom Smythe: Dr. Tom Smythe is a Professor of Finance in the Department of Economics and Finance.

 Tom joined FGCU in 2019 after teaching 18 years at Furman University. After graduating from Furman in 1985, he spent 4 years in the Army as an Engineer Officer, including tours of duty in Honduras and Costa Rica. After leaving the Army in 1989, Tom worked for what was Mobil Oil for almost 7 years as a systems and business analyst. He received his MBA from George Mason University while working for Mobil.

 Since finishing his PhD at the University of South Carolina, Tom has published numerous articles in both academic and practitioner journals, has been quoted or his work cited in the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, USA Today, Consumer Reports, Money Magazine, CNN Money, the Chicago Tribune, the Associated Press, NBC News, and the Miami Herald. He teaches Corporate Finance, Money and Capital Markets, and Banking. His research focuses on mutual funds and individual financial literacy and planning.

 Book References:
Anything by Jack Bogle

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 Website: FGCU.edu

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