Clarifying Your Story: Amplify Your Impact & Simplify Your Life with Park Howell

In this episode, Jim Oliver and Park Howell discuss:

  • The proven Story Cycle system implementation and clarifying your story.
  • How transitioning a corporation’s brand through storytelling results in substantial growth.
  • Understanding the ten steps in the Story Cycle and how to elevate your brand.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Goodwill Store, telling their brand story increased its growth by 400% in five years.
  • Our brain is not a logic processor. It’s a story processor; you have to put it into context before logic makes any sense at all.
  • The first step in developing your story is with a personal examination.  Are you living the story you’re supposed to be living, or are you living someone else’s?

“I help people completely redefine who they are by understanding what their own brand story is, their authentic story, that thing that makes them different and therefore better than their competition.” —  Park Howell

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