Back to the Basics: Becoming Your Own Banker

In this episode, Jim Oliver and Nick Kosko discuss: 

  • The continued and ongoing relevance of Becoming Your Own Banker by R. Nelson Nash. 
  • The importance of understanding the process of banking and its importance to our wellbeing.
  • The financial principles of the grocery store.

Key Takeaways: 

  • The amount of control that you take over your finances determines how successful you are, how prosperous you are, how much abundance you have in your life.
  • Unlike most consumers, banks know how to get what they want to flow towards them instead of away.
  • Controlling 100% of your needs in your own baking system is the way that you can take control of your financial future.

“If some authoritative power distributed all of the money in the world, equally among all the people in the world, within 10 years’ time 97% of all the money would be under the control of 3% of the people.” —  Nelson Nash 


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  1. Most of the conversation I understood and sounds solid .. I like the concept of the back door in the grocery store I have bissneses of my own and have always gone out the front door.. I will like to hear more about it

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