Why The Game is Rigged

Breakaway Wealth: Episode 17 – Most financial service providers gain clients by promising benefits to help you in retirement. However, they’re not putting anyone on a sustainable path that will ensure constant passive income.

What systems can you use to your advantage to avoid ending up on a downward spiral from retirement age? Are there any ways to use your money, invest, and save for a legacy? On this episode, I discuss the answers to these questions and more with Matt Johnson and Nick Kosko.

“Whoever controls the money, makes the money.” –Jim Oliver

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Three Things We Learned from this Episode

  • Why retirement funds are not the answer

Traditional retirement funds are not aimed at generating wealth for you. Their purpose is to keep you stable in retirement. What happens when that money runs out and you’re no longer in service, earning money? Retirement funds are not sustainable and won’t help you build a legacy.

  • The advantages of using life insurance companies

When you’re investing your money in life insurance, you’re using the insurance company’s money. You benefit from everything inside the life insurance contract, as well as the assets you buy with the money you take out of the contract. The company benefits from charging you interest, while you benefit from the money in two ways.

  • The importance of staying in control of your money

By becoming your own banker, you’re taking control of all your money. You can create velocity of money for your own benefit. This is more advantageous for you than relying on another person (a traditional banker) who will ultimately serve the needs of the bank with your money.

Stop believing the myth that traditional bankers are the best option for your money. At the end of the day, those banks are using your money to serve their needs and to generate wealth for themselves. By using infinite banking systems, that doesn’t have to happen anymore. You can be in control of all your money, and benefit from it in multiple ways.

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