How to Use IBC to Expand Your Real Estate Holdings & Create Stability w/John Stevens

Breakaway Wealth: Episode 15 – The Infinite Banking Concept gives us massive opportunities to invest in ways that expand our wealth. How can we employ IBC to grow our real estate portfolios without any of our own money? Why is this so much better than using the conventional route of buying real estate? How do we find multiple deals at once?

On this episode, John Stevens shares how he’s putting his money to work and growing a real estate empire using IBC.

“Networking and personal observation are important in real estate investing.” -Jim Oliver

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Three Things We Learned from this Episode

  • How to create an infinite rate of return

By tapping into the infinite banking cash flow system to buy real estate, you create an infinite rate of return. You have no money in the deal because you’re using the insurance company’s money, so you can take on more deals than if you were using your own money.


  • How IBC empowers us

The infinite banking system gives you total control over the wealth you’ve created. You’re able to immediately see the benefits you have instead of waiting until you’re 65.


  • The stability IBC gives us financially during business growing pains

Investing in and running businesses has ups and downs. When things hits a bumpy road, the banking system is there to save you and keep it going. You won’t have to beg for money from the bank and end up under the bank’s control.


Leveraging the Infinite Banking System can be a powerful way for us to grow our wealth and move towards true financial freedom. By using money from the insurance policies as down payments, we can grow a portfolio without using any of our own money. This means it’s scalable and stable, and we get to make every move with peace of mind and security.

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