10 Steps for Setting Goals Successfully

Breakaway Wealth: Episode 11 – As we head into a new year, we naturally start thinking of the things we’d like to achieve. In order to make these things happen, we need to set goals. What are some of the missing links that make it hard for people to turn aspirations into reality? What is the difference between manipulative and attainable goals? How can we make a goal really stick?

On this episode, Nick Kosko and I talk about the 10 things you can do to have effective goal setting in 2019.

You want purpose, and goal setting is synergistic with having a purpose.” -Nick Kosko

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Three Things We Learned from this Episode

  • The power of writing down your goals

Write down your goal. There’s something powerful about writing it down, and it will be instrumental in making it happen. It imprints the goal in your brain, and when it sticks, it starts to drive your actions.

  • Why setbacks are part of success

On your way to achieving your goal, there will be setbacks. It’s part of the process, not a sign that your goal is bad. There will always be surprises in the journey, but opportunities tend to mask themselves as obstacles when you’re striving to reach a goal.

  • How to set balanced goals

A huge mistake we make is only setting goals for one area of our lives, and that’s how people end up financially successful but poor in health and relationships. To succeed, it’s all about balance. When things are out of balance they crash. Set goals for all areas of your life so that you’re developing holistically.


Success is made up of milestones and projects that all come together to create one big picture. For any project to succeed, you have to have a game plan. That’s what your goals are. To get to the next level, it’s all about having strong personal development and good habits about taking action towards our goals. What helps us is having a strong vision, being accountable to ourselves and the people around us, having realistic timeframes, and taking ownership of our lives. Our goals are crucial because they are the basis of the effort we make every single day. Without that, we are more likely to end up in the exact same spot at the end of another year.

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