How “The Go-Giver” Changed My Life & Business w/Nick Kosko

How “The Go-Giver” Changed My Life & Business w/Nick Kosko

Breakaway Wealth: Episode 9 – What the world tells us about how to sell and work is framed on taking and getting— but this isn’t the true path to fulfilling, lasting and impactful success. Why is it so important to focus on giving and serving? How do we learn how to give for the right reasons? What are the steps to becoming a giver, being of service, and learning not to keep score? On this episode, Nick Kosko and I discuss the book, The Go-Giver, how it has influenced the business we do, and how it can change us as entrepreneurs, spouses and parents.​

“You’re going to get more than you expect by just giving more.” -Jim Oliver

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Three Things We Learned from this Episode
Where the concept of “giving” goes wrong

The dark side to giving is giving expecting to get things back. We have to be willing and able to give value and not worry about what is coming back, because that’s not what it’s about. Don’t keep score and instead choose to be impactful for the sake of others, not ourselves.

The importance of authenticity

Authenticity is confidence, and confidence is an abundance mindset. If we try to be like other people, that is scarcity. What we’re saying when we try to replicate others is that being ourselves isn’t good enough, and that we can’t be appreciated as we are. Authenticity and confidence don’t just happen. It is a skill set, and you have to develop it.

The 3 stages of a business, and why the third level is about giving.

The first stage in business is survival. When our business starts doing well, we become safe and start succeeding, but that’s not where it ends. The most important stage of business is making a contribution to the world and being of service. When we become successful, it’s also because of people were very giving to us, and we have to pay that forward.

How we measure success isn’t in the amount of money we amass or how well-known we are. The true measurement of success is who we are and how we show up in the world. When we choose to be givers, we set ourselves on a trajectory that makes our lives a lot more fulfilling and the world a better place. The Go-Giver is tailored to help you become a servant of other people, without keeping score. It’s also designed to make us gracious receivers. The 5 laws of being a giver are value, compensation, influence, authenticity, and receptivity.


  1. Fantastic job Jim and Nick!! The Go-Giver is one of my all time favorite books as well. I always like to revisit it and the principles that it teaches. And, I always like to hear other’s perspective and thoughts on the laws! Thank you for sharing and for your recognition of the greatest giver of all time, Jesus Christ!!
    I am always available to serve you and all at Create Tailwind!!

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