What We Teach

There are many firms out there that talk about becoming your own banker. At CreateTailwind, we give you the knowledge and understanding of this remarkable financial tool before we ever suggest you begin. 


As an example, if you were going to climb mount Everest, would you hire someone who hadn't ever climbed to the summit? Of course not. So why would you take wealth advice from someone who wasn't wealthy? Wouldn't it make sense to work with a firm that had made thousands of people wealthy? A firm where every member of the firm is also using the same strategy in their own lives? If you want to learn how to become your own banker, creating financial peace of mind and freedom for you and your family, then let us coach and guide you in ascending this mountain of financial abundance.

The government, wallstreet, and banks are giving us just the tip of the iceberg of information.  To gain abundance you need to look beneath the surface.  CreateTailwind has the information they do not want you see. With us, the unseen becomes the seen.  

We've bought cash flow real estate, purchased multiple businesses, provided loans to private individuals and closely held businesses. The most successful people advise if you really want something, find someone who has what you want. Then find out what they did to get there - if you can get their guidance, do the same thing.

We do not charge consultancy fees, we are here for our clients 24/7/365. We are all users of our money process and strategy and building financial abundance in our lives - we are here to guide you to that abundance.

That's why you choose CreateTailwind.

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