Mountain v. Maintain


The ascension up the financial mountain - for many of us - is difficult. We tend to 'follow the followers' - 401k's, IRA's, etc. Our money is in prison in these plans, and we have no access throughout our life without penalties and have no clue at what rate we will be taxed at distribution time.

Not that these government-qualified plans are necessarily bad - but you are open to stock market volatility. Additionally - in the case of 401Ks - you could be third or fourth in line to get your money after Federal taxes, Medicare taxes, potential Social Security taxes and any state and local taxes.

Our mission is to show you a better way. CreateTailwind coaches work with you to understand this remarkable wealth-generation method end-to-end, and then show you how to deploy your customized wealth abundance process.

Break out of the shackles of conformity concerning your money.